Rita Sonkodi DLA

The artist should not only paint what he sees before him, but also what he sees in himself.
                .(Caspar David Friedrich)

For me these rules are competent. I live among them, I build myself with them and I built my walls around me incorporating these rules. All of my canvases stand sentinel a fraction of my life, as well as impressions of my feelings. My works are imprints of memories, moments and glances. My personal belongings and relics. I always paint, what’s inside my soul. They all are about myself, visualization for me is such a natural vital function as eating, sleeping or loving. I live as I paint, I paint what I live.

I want to talk honestly about simple things. Discovering beauty or ugliness and visualising it on canvas by re-living those. Finding the sprout in the most profane themes what I’d like to cultivate. I trust that in everyday topics, scenes, glints and men truth can be and should be revealed – without scenery and masking it.

From my masters I learned practices, but first of all human attitude. Quoting Tibor Déry, the Hungarian writer: “creation is an attitude”. I’d like to live as I pant and I want to paint as I live. The art of museums played a significant role in the development of my ethical norms and approach. Desire to match that high level of preparedness and trust that was set by old masters. I could incept this faith from my masters and mentors for ever.

Painting is somehow a fraction of birth and perhaps all of my paintings are my children. I give birth to them and let them have a new life for on the wall. As long as the paintings is being prepared I protect, tease, love and hate it simultaneously. As it was born I was relieved and a feeling of ease comes over me. From this moment I let it live its own life.


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